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How Clover Alert Works

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How Clover Alert Works

  • ShakeAlert® determines if an earthquake is occuring
  • Clover Alert receives the notification from ShakeAlert® and alerts Clover Alert users in under One Second! 
  • Your Clover Device sounds an alert for nearby earthquakes

*Alert times vary depending on your distance from the epicenter of the earthquake, soil conditions, and other factors.


Audible Alerts


Earthquake Reporting


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Bluetooth Pairing

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Designed with sophistication and simplicity to ensure a faster more reliable alerting system.


The ShakeAlert™ Earthquake Early Warning System, managed by the U.S. Geological Survery, detect significant earthquakes quickly enough so that alerts can be delivered to people and automated systems potentially before shaking arrives. The purpose of this system is to reduce the impact of earthquakes, save lives, and property.

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