Determining Your Signal Strength

Clover Coverage Areas

Explore the map below to ensure you can receive adequate signal strength.


IMPORTANT: You must be in a LIGHT GREEN OR GREEN AREA to use the Clover Alert Early Earthquake Warning System.

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No Signal

Very Weak Signal

Weak Signal

Good Signal

Strong Signal

VHF Antenna Coverage

In VHF signal coverage areas, you must connect an external antenna. We have provided two different types of antennas to enhance your television signal reception:

1. Telescoping Antenna: Suitable for both UHF and VHF areas to improve reception.

2. Wire Dipole Antenna: Connect this antenna using the adapter, arrange the wire on a wall or window, and test the reception strength. You will only use this antenna in VHF areas. 

Additionally, for other VHF antennas, use the adapter to connect your household or business's outdoor or indoor VHF antenna.

Your alert signal is impacted by hills, valleys, mountains, and large structures.

Are you located in an area with GREEN signal strength?

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One Clover device in your household or business must consistently receive the television tower signal – that is why your signal strength is important.

Remember: Clover devices automatically connect and share alerts via Bluetooth.

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